Who we work with

Legal Firms

Legal and litigation intelligence which include discovery intelligence on opposing litigants (individuals and entities) and profiling of opposing counsel, venirepersons, and expert witnesses.

Business Entities

Transactional due diligence including backgrounding on key individuals or entities. Foregrounding to discover and predict behavioral and operational characteristics of individuals and entities.

Individual & Family

Curious to know what personal information is out there on you? We provide OSINT discovery and auditing on your profile to help you shore up privacy leaks in your real and online presence.


Work we provide


We use the OSINT discipline to gather and organize the increasing volume of intelligence available on the Internet. Gathering OSINT on yourself or your business is also a great way to understand what information you are gifting potential attackers. Learn your attack surface and protect yourself.


We provide the intelligence of all known OSINT records on companies that wish to shore up their vulnerabilities and provide services to individuals who are looking to strengthen their personal exposure. We use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to find information others may not.


We can compile, organize and synthesize highly technical information and provide actionable insights that can be used for legal and business objectives of our clients. We use cutting edge tools - both proprietary and 3rd party - to quickly and powerfully extract insights from public and private information.

Due to high volume requests, we are not accepting new clients.